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BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS (BIS) - Management System Certification

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Management System Certification is a process that verifies and attests to an organization’s adherence to specific management system standards. These certifications are awarded by accredited certification bodies and serve as a recognition of an organization’s commitment to implementing and maintaining robust management practices. The process typically involves a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s management systems, including its policies, procedures, and processes.
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) also has been operating Management Systems Certification Scheme since 1991. Initially, BIS started the scheme with Quality Management System Certification (IS/ISO 9001) and over the years it has gradually expanded its activities to various other Management Systems. National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB), Quality Council of India (QCI) has accredited Quality Management System, Food Safety Management System and Environmental Management System Certification Schemes of BIS.    


this Certification?

The assessment is conducted by qualified auditors who evaluate the organization’s compliance with the applicable standards. By achieving Management System Certification, organizations demonstrate their ability to meet customer requirements, enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and continuously improve their performance. This certification provides confidence to stakeholders, customers, and business partners that the organization operates in accordance with internationally recognized best practices. It serves as a valuable tool for organizations seeking to enhance their reputation, gain a competitive advantage, and demonstrate their commitment to excellence in their respective industries.

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  • Quality Management System- IS/ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System- IS/ISO 14001
  • Food Safety Management System- IS/ISO 22000
  • Energy Management System- IS/ISO 50001
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System- IS 18001 & IS/ISO:450001
  • Service Quality Management System- IS 15700
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)- IS 15000
  • Medical Device Management System- IS/ISO 13485
  • Social Accountability at Workplace- IS/ISO 16001
  • Road Traffic Safety Management System Certification Scheme- IS/ISO 39001
  • Adventure Tourism Safety Management System- IS / ISO 21101:2014
  • Ready Mixed Concrete Certification Scheme- ISO:9001 along with IS:4926
  • Integrated Milk Certification Scheme for Packaged Pasteurized Milk as per IS:13688 along with ISO:22000
  • Educational Organizations Management System (EOMS)
  • IS/ISO 37001:2016 Anti Bribery Management System
  • IS 23485 Medical Devices- Quality Management System requirements and Essential Principles of Safety &Performance for Medical Devices
  • IS/ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems
  • Food Safety Audits (FSSAI Recognized)
  • Piped Drinking water Supply management system- IS 17482: 2020
  • Ready Mix Concrete process certification- IS 4926
  • Conformity Assessment Scheme for Milk & Milk Products
  • Conformity Assessment Scheme on IS 19000:2022 – ‘Online Consumer Reviews Principles and Requirements for the Collection, Moderation and Publication for Online Reviews

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

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