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We know you need knowledge fast. As a startup, pursuing your dream can be a stressful experience, particularly when it comes to managing your finances and time. Time and money spent on planning and administrative issues takes away from what you can spend on the business. Succeed in what you love doing and get back to building your business.
Mind Sync supports the Indian startup ecosystem across its entire value chain – from starting up a new business, disrupting the existing status quo and to sustaining market leadership thereafter. Our advisors understand what it takes for you to be successful at each stage of your business journey. From launching to scaling, we’re here to help.

Business Planning

We assist startups in developing a comprehensive business plan, incorporating company including market analysis, financial projections, and strategic roadmaps.

Vendor Due Diligence Services

As part of our startup services, we offer vendor due diligence, a valuable resource for startups seeking funding or considering divestment. Vendor due diligence plays a crucial role in preventing last-minute surprises and safeguarding against potential value erosion during the buy-side due diligence process.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

A business is required to undertake multiple compliances across jurisdictions. As businesses expand, they struggle to keep up with timely compliances. We offer comprehensive compliance solutions, including regular monitoring, updates on regulatory changes, and proactive guidance to help businesses navigate the evolving landscape effectively.

Human Resource Strategies

Our services include offering valuable guidance on hiring, employee policies, compensation structures, and talent acquisition strategies.

Growth Strategies

We provide assistance with the development of scaling strategies, market expansion initiatives, fostering partnerships, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions.

Ongoing Business Support

We offer continuous consulting and advisory services to tackle challenges, make strategic choices, and adjust to evolving market conditions.

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We assist startups achieve real results focusing on you, your goals, and on freeing you up to focus on your business. We empower them with expert guidance and customised solutions to fuel their growth and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. Our startup services provide the required support for building a solid foundation, scaling operations and achieving long-term success.

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This information is in summary form and is therefore intended for general guidance only. It is not intended to be a substitute for detailed research or the exercise of professional judgment. Mind Sync does not accept any responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any information provided herein. On any specific matter, reference should be made to the appropriate advisor.



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